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WHOLE Home Remodeling
& Renovation

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Do you love your floor plan or neighborhood? Is your home in need of a makeover?

Whole house remodeling projects can seem very daunting and complicated. Our team of certified experts, who specialize in designing and remodeling whole homes, can assure each residential project will result in comfortably useable space for the whole family.

When it’s hard to believe in your dreams, it helps to know someone believes in them for you.

Contact Cape Proeprty Pros to learn more about our whole home remodeling services.

Whole-Home Remodeling in Cape Cod

Have you outgrown your Cape Cod home? We work closely with homeowners to reinvent their existing space and create something both functional and beautiful. Whether you’re ready to change the layout, add new rooms, or completely transform your living space, whole-home remodeling from Cape Property Pros can help you create your dream home!


Our expert designers, craftsmen, and others have the experience in whole-home remodeling - from bathroom and basement remodeling to kitchen and interior floor plan updates, there’s no job too complex for our design crew. Bring us your inspiration and ideas, and we’ll help bring them to life.


Call 508-292-1562 or contact Cape Property Pros online to learn more about our whole-home remodeling services.


Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality,

Boris was great! Very professional, fair and responsive. Cape Property Pros remodeled our out dated 1970’s bathroom- they took it down to the studs and it is BEAUTIFUL! We appreciated Boris’s advise and direction on design. No regrets! Would highly recommend.

Margaret Benaka - 10/10/2020

Let’s Talk About Your Whole-Home Remodeling Plans!

Some of our more popular remodeling and renovation requests

Open Concept Layouts

Taking a step away from the highly structured living spaces of the past, our open floor plan designs create spacious, informal interiors that connect common areas. This style has steadily grown in popularity over the years.

Additional Bedrooms

Whether you do not have enough bedrooms for your current family, are planning on adding to your family, or simply want to add a guest room so that you can entertain more, adding space to your home provides many possibilities.

Hobby Rooms

Whether you do not have enough bedrooms for your current family, are planning on adding to your family, or simply want to add a guest room so that you can entertain more, adding space to your home provides many possibilities.

Piece of Mind

No matter what the project, we always bring our full attention and strive to provide a smooth, streamlined experience that keeps the focus on you. Our team of designers, architects, lead carpenters, and construction managers are all under one roof, which allows for close communication and collaboration.

We Secure All Permits

Getting the all required permits in Cape Cod can be complicated. But we know how to do it efficiently. We get any residents’ agreements and any building, electrical and plumbing permits. (And when the work is done, we have the city inspector sign off that everything was done by code.)

Our Interior remodeling services include:

Whole-Home Remodeling from an Expert Design-Build Team

From materials selection to design and construction, the whole-home remodeling process can be complex. With Cape Property Pros’ expert team guiding you at every step, you can rest assured that your project will be as stress-free and efficient as possible—and that you’ll end up with gorgeous results!

Call 508-292-1562 or contact us online to get your whole-home remodeling project started.

Schedule a Design Consultation

Our whole-home remodeling services include:

  • Kitchen remodeling: Whether you’re looking for a modern kitchen or a country-style culinary escape, our team can transform your current kitchen with custom cabinetry, flooring, backsplashes, and more.
  • Bathroom remodeling: Our team will develop a custom bathroom floor plan and layout, providing a wide selection of plumbing, electrical, and lighting upgrades to enhance your home’s aesthetic and functionality.

From custom cabinetry and flooring to updated light fixtures and appliances, a whole-home remodel can fully upgrade and transform your space, making it the envy of the entire neighborhood.


Contact Cape Property Pros online to schedule an initial consultation for whole-home remodeling!

  • Basement remodeling: Add value to your home by finishing your basement and providing your family with additional space.
  • Home additions: Transform your home’s floor plan by adding on. Whether you’re looking for more bedrooms, a new library, or any other home addition, our team can design the perfect new addition to fit your home, your style, and your needs.

The Cape Property Pros Whole-Home Remodeling Process

We proudly offer first-class design-build services throughout Cape Cod and the  surrounding areas.

Cape Property Pros can simplify your whole-home remodeling experience, ensuring it's as hassle-free and convenient for you as possible

Consultation & Design

Our team will start working closely with you from day one, identifying your goals, your preferences, your concerns, and your budget.

We will design the plans for your whole-home remodel, creating detailed drawings and 3D renderings so you can visualize the new space before any work begins. Once the design is approved, we’ll present you with a Construction Contract Agreement before any work on your home begins.

Construction & Final Walkthrough

Our team will begin building your dream home, communicating with you about project updates and progress every step of the way to ensure your 100% satisfaction.


We won’t stop until the final nail is hammered in place and you’re completely satisfied with the results. We’ll check in to ensure you’re pleased with the final result and reach out for the opportunity to feature your project on our website’s gallery.

Are you ready to love your home?

Don’t settle for just any design team when it’s time to create the home of your dreams—choose one of the most trusted design-build firms in Cape Cod! Choose Cape Property Pros!


Call 508-292-1562 or contact us online to schedule a consultation for your whole-home remodeling project.

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Our Design Build Process
At Cape Property Pros we are dedicated to providing you with the best home remodeling service from start to finish. Our design approach is unique and designed around the common interest in partnering with each homeowner so we can bring your vision to life, in an all-encompassing approach, one team under one roof. We specialize in large projects such as additions, kitchens, bathrooms and whole house remodels.



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