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Flooring Services

Trust Your Wood Flooring in Our Experienced Hands, and You Can Expect Quality Workmanship Every Time.

From simple red oak strip flooring to antique reclaimed planks with complex patterns and inlays – our craftsmen will thrill you with their expertise and attention to detail.

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Cape Cod's Finest Hardwood Flooring Experts

We will personally consult with you to help you choose the right flooring type for your upcoming hardwood flooring installation. Our Professional Staff is trained in all aspects of wood flooring - custom installation, wood floor staining, repair, dust containment sanding, refinishing with years of experience. At Cape Property Pros we use the industry's top equipment and training practices to keep your home clean during all phases of your project.

We provide expert advice, consultation throughout and we educate you on the entire process and maintenance that will keep your new flooring beautiful for years to come. We excel at projects of all sizes and types for new and existing residential properties. 

We are a certified member of the National Wood Flooring Association and a recognized floor specialist through the industry. We continually attend training events and keeping up to date with the latest trends.

Learning new sanding techniques and finishing techniques from the American Sanders and Rubio Monocoat training experts.


We install all wood flooring types including, all site finished and prefinished wood flooring ( also known as factory finished or engineered floors), nail down, glue down and click together.

Refinishing & Staining

At Cape Property Pros we specialize in hardwood floor refinishing and staining to restore your timeless hardwood to its former glory. 

Benefits of Hardwood

  • Appearance The look of natural wood pairs beautifully with everything from classic to modern interior design schemes in any room

  • Strength Wood flooring is designed to last, even in spaces with high foot traffic.

  • Easy to Clean Hardwood flooring is stain-resistant and easy to keep clean and is arguably more hygienic than carpeting, which tends to trap debris, allergens, and dust more easily.

  • Variety Color, style, stain, and type are all up to you. Our flooring specialists can help you determine what will look best in your home.

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Flooring Installation

Hardwood flooring is durable, long-lasting, and can be fully restored to its original “new” splendor. Whether you are building a new floor or adding to an existing floor we have you covered.

We install all wood floor construction including and not limited to:

We install all wood floor construction including and not limited to:

  • custom wood floor installation

  • wood floor repair

  • stairs borders inlays

  • engineered wood floors

  • vinyl plank flooring

  • bamboo flooring

  • floating floors systems

  • laminate floor installation

  • trim work, baseboards, quarter rounds, crown molding

Choosing the best wood for your home

As a homeowner one of the most relevant tools to determine your hardwood needs is the Janka Scale. This scale provides an indication of how strong a floor is and how much wear and tear it will be able to handle over the years before it requires repair or replacement. Janka rating serves only as an indication, because it is not just the hardness that plays a role in the appearance and durability of a floor over time.

It is also the traffic, the maintenance and prevention that dictates how well a floor will look years after it is installed.

As an expert installation pro we also consult other indicators, such as the Moisture Content Chart and Wood Stability Scale.

Hardwood Flooring Systems

Because wood is extracted in a variety of ways for flooring, this flooring is available in an array of wood species, styles, and price points to meet every budget and every homeowner’s needs.

Solid Hardwood

To create solid hardwood, every strip of wood is cut directly from the tree. When installed, the wood is laid down in long, thin strips, creating a classic, timeless look. One thing to consider about solid hardwood flooring, though, is that it’s sensitive to humidity. So before choosing to install this flooring, consult with one of our qualified experts, who can help you be absolutely sure that your home and climate are just right for solid hardwood.

Engineered Wood

When it comes to affordability and durability, without having to sacrifice appearance, engineered hardwood is tough to beat. This popular type of hardwood flooring easily handles fluctuations in humidity, so it’s better suited to a range of climates.

Click Wood

Similar to laminate flooring, click wood is easy to install without nailing, stapling, or using any troweling adhesives. This flooring basically floats over your subfloor, and it’s an excellent way to upgrade your floors efficiently and within your budget.

Hidden Gems

If you've never checked or just recently moved in, under that ugly, worn-out carpet could be a wood floor. Refinishing those hardwoods will instantly add value to your home.

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When is Refinishing Wood Flooring Your Best Option?

If scratches or dings are in the hardwood, sanding and refinishing can restore the previous beauty and quality of the flooring. If your just tired of the color or just need to breath new life into your already existing floors without an expensive makeover, consider us for refinishing that floor.

At Cape Property Pros we specialize in hardwood floor refinishing to restore your timeless hardwood to its former glory. We use the latest equipment and talented craftsman to achieve the wood flooring of your dreams.

We Use a Dustless Sanding System

At Cape Property Pros we use one of the best dustless systems in the industry making the hardwood floor sanding process cleaner, healthier, and faster than ever


  • No Airborne Particles

  • No Need to Seal off Rooms

  • No Dust in your Ducts, Ever

  • No Need to Vacate

  • Pet-Friendly

  • Provides a Better Result

Brands You Trust

Many colors can be achieved when a stain is applied to the floor. There is a variety of standard stains shades available. Cape Property Pros offers staining services with few of the leading brands on today's market like: "Rubio Monocoat", "Bona", "Dura Seal", "Waterlox".

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Boost the warmth and character of your home

Cape Property Pros flooring experts, unparalleled in craftsmanship and quality, constantly deliver high-end skills in matching and blending wood stains. The ability to flawlessly finish unfinished flooring is imperative for us.

Most hardwoods can be stained to achieve that custom look and complement any decor. Some of the most commonly stained hardwoods are Red Oak, Hickory, White Oak, and Ash.

We have hundreds of colors to choose from

  • Wood floor color staining

  • Deep tone color Tint

  • Dark Color Stains

  • Water Pop

  • Greys

  • Custom Blends

Our Design Build Process
At Cape Property Pros we are dedicated to providing you with the best home remodeling service from start to finish. Our design approach is unique and designed around the common interest in partnering with each homeowner so we can bring your vision to life, in an all-encompassing approach, one team under one roof. We specialize in large projects such as additions, kitchens, bathrooms and whole house remodels.



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