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We’re a family-owned and operated company that’s been providing local residents with high-quality basement remodeling and renovation on Cape Cod for many years. We’ll closely listen to your needs and ideas and transform your basement into the area you need and want. You can rely on our experienced design and construction teams to generate and execute a detailed plan based on your requirements.

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Our company is here to finish your basement, renovate your existing space, or perform a complete basement remodel in your home on Cape Cod or the nearby area. Our designers and contractors will give your basement new and usable space that you’ve always needed. Just inform us of your wishes and let us handle everything else.

We have the right set of skills and knowledge and we use appropriate cutting-edge tools, equipment, and technology to transform your basement into any room you need. From bedrooms, luxurious baths, and game rooms, to additional living areas and entertainment centers, you can count on us to take your ideas to the next level.

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Expertise-based basement remodels

We have a team of visionary designers and skilled and experienced basement contractors and remodelers capable of successfully handling any project you have for them. We use advanced technology, top-quality tools and materials, and all our skills and expertise to provide you with the results you’ve imagined.

We’re here if you need a complete conversion of your unfinished basement or a comprehensive remodel of your damp and tired underground area. We cooperate with industry-leading companies to upfit your basement with modern fixtures, amenities, and furniture that will suit the underlying idea of the renovation. Just tell us what you’d like us to do.

We’ll help you plan your entire renovation project

We’ll take care of every aspect of your basement renovation or remodel on Cape Cod. From laying out a detail-oriented plan to proposing multiple design options to choose from, we’re just getting started. We’ll also handle all permit acquisition and fees and perform constant project supervision to make sure everything goes according to plan. You just have to contact us!

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1. The first step is to consult with you about your needs & wants

We begin all our basement renovations by closely inspecting your property on Cape Cod and consulting you about any ideas, wishes, or requirements you might have. We’ll also inquire about your maximum budget to ensure all the design proposals we provide are completely according to both your budget and and your needs. Finally, our experts will answer any questions you might have and provide additional essential information you require.

2. Our designers use your ideas to provide a wide-range of options

Once you present your ideas to our design team, they will take everything into account before providing several options you can choose from. Our proposals are thorough and exhaustive and include all vital components of a complete basement remodel, including amenities, materials, fixtures, appliances, lighting, and much more. That’s how we’re able to transform your basement into anything from a theater or home gym to at-home office or secret lounge.

3. Our contractors begin construction & bring fast turnaround

Once you decide on the type of basement remodeling you want and all the details of your project, our contractors start with the actual construction work. They work expertly and tirelessly to ensure maximum efficiency and quick turnaround. Once the construction phase is done, our team moves on to perform all the necessary installations and finishing touches before furnishing your new basement according to your choices. All that’s left to do is to enjoy your new space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A basement remodel or renovation on Cape Cod is a comprehensive overhaul of your space that includes all or some of the following services:

  • Installing additional insulation and drywall if necessary
  • Framing walls if necessary
  • Adding new flooring and subflooring
  • Rough-in plumbing
  • Upgrading ventilation in the basement
  • Upgrading the fixtures and fittings
  • Choosing new materials for different areas of your basement
  • Installing new lighting for better functionality and ambience
  • Performing various finishing touches

Upon hiring a basement remodeling or renovation company to revamp your basement on Cape Cod, it’s important to have a couple of ideas of what you can transform your space into. You can turn your area into:

  • Reading nook
  • Home theater
  • Bar
  • Master bedroom
  • Play or game room
  • Guest space
  • Lounge area
  • Family room
  • Laundry room
  • Arts and crafts area
  • Additional bathroom

Generally, a top-to-bottom basement renovation or remodel can take as many as 8 weeks. However, the exact duration of each project differs depending on its complexity and size. Some additional aspects that can make your remodel last longer are:

  • Whether or not there’s extensive plumbing rough-ins to take care of
  • If there’s a need for extensive electrical work
  • Whether it’s necessary to add or replace drywall, flooring, and subflooring
  • The number of fixtures and fittings required
  • The type of room you’re trying to transform your space into

The costs of a top-to-bottom basement renovation depend on various factors, including:

  • The type of room you’re turning your basement into
  • The costs of all the new fittings, fixtures, furniture, and other components
  • The cost of construction materials
  • The size and the floor plan of your basement
  • Any special requests you might have

We’re your go-to company for a wide range of expert interior remodeling services on Cape Cod and all other nearby communities. We’ve handpicked a team of contractors and designers who work together to provide a modern basement remodel that you’ve been looking for.

To us, it makes no difference if your home is in Mashpee or Barnstable, you can count on us. We’ll perform a detailed inspection, consult with you on your wishes, and move on to create suitable designs. Besides renovating your basement, we’re also here if you need:

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