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CPP Home Builders & Remodeling on Cape Cod is at your disposal for quality living room additions. Our construction features unique design, handy features, and high-end materials. Thanks to our committed designers and talented builders, you’ll get a more spacious and comfortable living space. This upgrade will enhance your lifestyle, bringing your family added convenience while you relax and entertain guests.

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Our living room addition services are rooted in an efficient system

Our process has several steps that are all designed to ensure convenience and excellence. After contacting us, you can expect our experts to show up at your doorstep at the designated time and talk to you about your plans. Being some of the most reliable living room addition contractors on Cape Cod, we adjust our design until it accurately reflects your desires.

Our builders take over from there, using dependable equipment and proven techniques. We’ll manage the whole project so it causes as little disruption to your routine as possible. Your project will be completed quickly and efficiently, leaving you to enjoy your tailored update.

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cape cod building contractors

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Designing your new space is an exciting venture that includes working out a new layout and picking out a beautiful color scheme. Our living room addition services are versatile, allowing you to browse through a wide range of styles, shades, finishes, and brands. All of these elements will add to the final style identity of your space.

Feel free to pick and choose the different aspects of your design. We’ll take your cue and put your ideas into action. Get in touch with us to explore all the possibilities.

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1. Unique design

Our design team will make sure their plans correctly capture your vision. Their solutions will reflect your taste and requirements in every way.

2. Streamlined system

Our living room addition services are convenient and rewarding. You’ll have a hassle-free experience that will bring positive change to your home and lifestyle.

3. Unwavering support

Our team will be available to you for all questions and requests throughout the process. You can count on us for complete specialist guidance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your family has outgrown your home, you could expand your living room with our practical addition services on Cape Cod. Our experts will evaluate the situation, suggest the best strategy in your particular case, and develop a detailed plan of action. This way, you don’t have to go through the hassle of house hunting and moving.

A bump-out is a small-scale living room addition that gives you extra space without needing a separate foundation. It can be a very handy solution for your Cape Cod home because it will make your living space more ample and it won’t be too complex or time-consuming to complete.If you aren’t sure if this is a fitting solution to your needs, give us a call and have a chat with our specialists.

When choosing between the different living room addition companies on Cape Cod, you need to consider multiple factors, like:

  • Years of experience
  • Client reviews and ratings
  • Training and certification
  • Customer service
  • Warranty periods

The pricing of a living room addition will vary between companies and it’ll also be affected by factors such as its square footage, complexity, and your special requests. Give us a call to discuss your needs and options. We’ll then be able to offer a price estimate and give you a better idea of the potential expenses.

Unless you are a professional designer, you need to hire an expert team of designers to help you with a living room addition in your home. Our experienced designers at CPP Builders & Remodeling are at your disposal. They are open to your ideas and suggestions, will recommend the best and most functional solutions, and take your wishes into account.

Without inspecting your home thoroughly and finalizing the room addition plans, it’s difficult to predict the added value this home improvement project will bring to your house. Typically, a living room addition will increase your property value by between 5% and 10%. However, it’s best to consult a dependable remodeling company to get an accurate estimate.

You’re not required to tip the remodelers and builders working on your home on Cape Cod. However, if you wish to, this gesture will be greatly appreciated. You may tip each worker in person or give the tip to the project manager who will distribute it equally among all team members.

CPP Home Builders & Remodeling performs stunning and functional room additions across Cape Cod. We have a well-versed team that will help you shape your ideas into a coherent whole and implement them. For example, we can:

Whether you live in Mashpee, Harwich, or another city in the nearby areas, reach out to us to start your home improvement project today.