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3 Bathroom Features to Prioritize During Your Custom Remodel

3 Bathroom Features to Prioritize During Your Custom Remodel

The bathroom and kitchen are the two most common rooms homeowners want to renovate. There’s nothing like walking into a beautiful bathroom at the end of a long day, so you owe it to yourself to have one. Many times a one day bathroom remodel is the way to go to transform your existing bathroom into a luxurious space. You can choose the features you want and can afford now, while saving the other upgrades for a later time. These bathroom features should be at the top of your priority list, as they offer the most bang for your buck and create the biggest visual appeal instantly.

Cabinets and Countertops

Not only are cabinets and countertops aesthetically pleasing, but they can also go through some abuse over the years. Installing well-built cabinets as part of your home renovation may be costly upfront, but you’ll have to perform very little maintenance on them. At Cape Property Pros we offer Custom Cabinets for the kitchen, bath and storage which are crafted by dedicated with the utmost quality and care. Sturdy countertops with classy finishes like quartz, granite and even Onyx Collection are also built to last and can handle items getting dropped on it without any damage. 

Accent Tiles

Accent tiles as part of your backsplash or in areas that border your shower or in other key areas can add a lot of luster to your bathroom remodel. Floor tiles aren’t necessarily as important, but you can include quality or top of the line selections if your budget allows for it. Different colored accent tiles in the shower will also create a more luxurious feel bringing dimension and character to your space. Your bathroom should be a place where you can relax at the end of a long day and the aesthetics of accent tiles will give the entire room a more comfortable look and feel.

Bathroom Fixtures

Many people only think about the major renovations as part of a one day bathroom remodel. However, the small details in the bathroom fixtures can bring the entire renovation together. Think about what finish you want your faucet, dials, shower head, handles and anything else. The good thing about bathroom fixtures is they aren’t incredibly expensive and even the more inexpensive models still look great. It’s all about the look you want to achieve that makes you feel most comfortable when you walk into your bathroom.

Cape Property Pros offers complete interior and exterior home remodeling and specialize in projects of all types and sizes. However one of the most common services we offer at Cape Property Pros is the bathroom remodel. It is a customizable renovation typically ranging from 1-5 days or less and allows homeowners to choose the features they want to stick within their budget and time frame. We have worked with bathrooms of all shapes and sizes and are confident we can transform yours into the space you have always desired. To learn more about our bathroom remodeling in Cape Cod,  contact us today to book a free consultation.

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